First 3 months rental FREE* if you are an apprentice or college student!

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Bikes for work and health

Funded through the East Sussex County Council's Active Access for Growth programme, following a successful bid to the Dft Access Fund, we provide access to bikes and accessories for up to six months to help you get to work, training, education or to improve your health and fitness.

Low rates to help you

Due to the unique way we are funded, you can rent one of our quality bikes for as little as £20 per month to help you find out if cycling is right for you. You may also be required to participate in some University of Brighton research which supports this scheme.

*If you are an apprentice, at college or on an approved training scheme then  your first 3 months rentals are FREE on a normal pedal bikes. If you want take advantage of an e-bike then you will only pay £20 per month for the first three months.

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The Power Power scheme is operated by Active Cycling Projects on behalf of East Sussex County Council. We have bikes in Eastbourne, bikes in Hastings, bikes in Bexhill, and bikes in Newhaven. 

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